The battery represents the heartbeat of your car, and when it’s working perfectly well you barely notice it. When it fails, however, it can let you down at the most inopportune moments. Thankfully, Tannadice Motors offers an exceptional battery service, providing repairs and replacements as and when you need them. We have a range of replacement batteries available, so you can resume driving safe in the knowledge that everything is ticking along nicely.

If you even suspect that your current battery isn’t performing to its highest standards, pop in for a battery check from the experts. We’ll take a look and advise you on its condition, and your best option to take. If we can repair it we will, but if it needs replacement we can do the job for you with no fuss and for an affordable and competitive price. Here at Tannadice Motors, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the number of customers who choose us as their go-to solution provider for everything from batteries and brakes to timing belts and tyres. Just call 01382 690 898 for more information.