Your car’s clutch performs an important function, of course, and it’s one of those components that you rarely think about until something goes wrong. There are several indicators that your clutch may be in need of some attention, such as a spongy or sticky clutch pedal, poor acceleration despite the engine revving properly and difficulty when trying to change gear. These are all tell-tale signs, and you should be taking note of what they’re saying to you. Thankfully, one call to Tannadice Motors is all you need to have the clutch fully inspected by qualified specialists.

We can carry out all the necessary checks before providing you with a clear diagnosis on what needs to be done. We can carry out effective repairs where necessary or, if a replacement is required, we can do this for a fair and highly competitive price. With our help, you can look forward to stress-free motoring once again in no time at all. We have the experience, the skill and the top quality parts that you need, so call 01382 690 898 for more information.