There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate your car’s tracking might need to be adjusted. They include the vehicle pulling a little to the left or the right, uneven patches of wear on your tyres and perhaps if your steering wheel isn’t aligned correctly when you’re driving in a straight line. Here at Tannadice Motors, we offer an accurate and reliable tracking test, designed to indicate whether anything is wrong. If your wheel tracking isn’t operating correctly, it can mean you’re taking unnecessary risks every time you drive.

Our tracking service covers the front two wheels of your car, and if necessary we also offer four-wheel alignment. Which option you need will depend on the vehicle you drive. We use the latest technology to provide the clearest indication of how your wheels are performing, and this allows us to make a precise diagnosis. Should you need a new tyre, you won’t even need to go elsewhere, because Tannadice Motors can fit and supply an extensive range at very competitive prices. As always, our helpful, friendly team will be able to advise you throughout the process.