Timing Belt

The timing belt, or timing chain in some vehicles, performs an important function in your car’s engine, and it should be looked after accordingly. At some point in an engine’s life, the timing belt will need to be replaced. When that time should be will depend on the make and model of the car, and you can check this with your manual or we can offer the advice you need instead. One thing is certain: if the timing belt breaks, the subsequent repair can be extremely expensive.

If your timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is due for replacement, we can do the job for you. Tannadice Motors offers a friendly, efficient service and an extremely fair pricing structure, so why go anywhere else? It’s worth noting that a timing chain will generally last longer than a belt, but at some point that will also need to be replaced. As always if you’re in any doubt you only have to ask our team. One quick call to 01382 690 898 is all you need to access the information you require. We look forward to hearing from you.